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Lavender and Butterflies

Lavender Attracts Butterflies

    Who doesn't love seeing a butterfly in the garden gracefully flying from one flower to another looking for nectar.  Lavender flowers with their wonderful perfume and color are attractive to many beneficial insects and provide necessary nutrients for wildlife. Growing Lavender is wonderful for the environment and for you!

Butterfly on Lavender Flower   Lavender and Butterfly
Butterfly on Lavender Flower by Nico Suykens

     Besides Lavender's drought tolerance this is yet another reason to feel good about planting Lavender in your flower garden. Beneficial insects help balance out and keep the undesirable insects in check as any gardener would know.

     To attract butterflies to your flower garden make sure to plant sizable clumps of flowering plants. Having a large drift of blooming flowers is more attractive to butterflies than just one plant placed here or there.

Garden attractive to Butterflies

Image by Konrad Roeder

     Besides Lavender other plants that are especially attractive to butterflies include Hyssop, Bee Balm (Monarda), Butterfly Bush (Buddleja davidii), Russian Sage and of course Milkweed. Hummingbirds and honey bees love Lavender too! Lavender honey is such a treat that everyone should experience the lovely flavor at least once.

Lavender attracts beneficial insects
Image by Luc Viatour

     For a successful butterfly garden choose a variety of flowers as well as other plants that attract butterflies.  Including a water source like a birdbath, pond, water garden, fountain or even a shallow pan of water helps as well.

     The most important thing for the attraction of butterflies and other beneficial insects is to not use pesticides in the garden but use green, natural alternatives instead. Our resources page has links to companies that supply environmentally responsible products for your yard and garden as well as provides information on where to buy plants online.

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