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Lavandula X Chaytorae

New Lavender Crosses / hybrids

     In the 1980's in the UK crosses of Lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender) were made with Lavandula Lanata or Woolly Lavender. These new hybrids or crosses were not naturally occurring but man made.

     The name derives from Dorothy Chaytor who in 1937 wrote a Monograth which is defined as a "detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it." Much like this web site is also monograth on Lavender.

     These new hybrids retain the lovely silver fuzzy foliage of Woolly Lavender while gaining some of the cold hardiness and beautiful dramatic flowers of L. angustifolia. Sometimes called Velvet Lavender.

     Reports have been made that plants have successfully survived to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. These Lavender plants sport dramatic silver foliage that is eye catching. They are a wonderful compliment to any garden. Make sure you own at least one!

Lavandula Chaytorae Ana Luisa

     Ana Luisa is one of the largest growers in this new species reaching a height of 36 to 42 inches. Originating in Oregon at the Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery in 1998 and reliably hardy in zones 7-10. The flower color is a dark purple that really pops against the silver foliage. Sports a stem length of about 25 inches so space plants a minimum of 36 inches apart.

Lavandula Chaytorae Andreas

     Andreas which originated in New Zealand in the early 1990's will attain a mature size of 24-36 inches in bloom. The foliage is extremely compact and the stem length is very short only 4-6 inches. Hardy in zones 7-10 with the lovely silver foliage and dramatic dark violet flowers blooming once in early summer. Plant spacing about 36 inches apart. Prune to maintain shape.

Lavandula Chaytorae Gorgeous

     Gorgeous is just that sporting the richest, darkest violet purple flowers on 12 inch stems. Grows to 24 inches with lovely soft gray foliage. Enticingly fragrant flowers hardy in zones 7 - 10.

Lavandula Chaytorae Jennifer

     Jennifer originated from Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery in Newburg, Oregon in 2001. Jennifer has lovely dark purple blue flowers on 12-14 inch stems with an overall plant height of 32 - 36 inches. Hardy in zones 7- 10 the flowers lean to a lighter blue-violet in color carried on large flower heads which contrasts well against the silver foliage. Bloom is in early summer.

Lavandula Chaytorae Joan Head

     Joan Head originated in New Zealand in the mid- 1990's and was named after the editor of The Lavender Bag, an international newsletter published in England for Lavender aficionados. This Chaytorae Lavender reaches a height of 48 inches and has long 20 inch stems crowned with dark violet flowers. Hardy in zones 7-10 blooming once in early summer. Foliage is silver in color.

Lavandula Chaytorae Kathleen Elizabeth aka. Silver Frost

     Kathleen Elizabeth or Silver Frost originated in 1991 from Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery in Newburg, Oregon. Blooming once in early summer with a flower color of violet on 12 to 14 inch stems. Mature plant height is 36 - 48 inches hardy in zones 7 - 10. Very soft silver foliage year round which is why it is also known as Silver Frost. Space 48 inches between plants.

Lavandula Chaytorae Lisa Marie

     Lisa Marie originated from Boonville, California in 1991 at the Kenneth R Montgomery Anderson Valley Nursery. The flowers on Lisa Marie are dark blue on 10-14 inch stems. Mature plant height is around 30 inches so space 30 - 36 inches between plants. Blooms occur in early summertime. A more compact growing variety this is a cross between Lavandula angustifolia 'Martha Roderick' and Lavandula lanata / Woolly Lavender. Lisa Marie is cold hardy in zones 6-9.

Lavandula Chaytorae Richard Gray

     Richard Gray Lavender originated in the Royal Botanical garden's in Kew, England in the mid 1980's. Richard Gray sports a medium purple flower color and a 10-12 inch stem length. Growth habit is tighter with more compact foliage that is silver in color. Plant height is 36 - 40 inches so recommended spacing is 40 inches between plants. Cold hardy in zones 6-9.

Lavandula Chaytorae Sawyers

     Sawyers Lavender originated from Suffolk Herbs in the UK in the late 1980s. Also known as 'Sawyers Hybrid' and 'Connard Blue'. Sawyers has large 3-4 inch long conical dark blue flowers on 12-15 inch long stems. Very dense silver foliage that holds up well in cool wet weather. Plant height is to 24 inches so recommended spacing is 18 - 24 inches between plants. Mounding habit plant is hardy in zones 6-9.

Lavandula Chaytorae Silver Sands

     Silver Sands is a newer chaytorae Lavender. Silver Sands is a vigorous grower that has beautiful silver gray leaves and dark purple flowers in summer. Mature height is 24- 30 inches with equal spread. Fragrant Flowers are carried on 10-12 inch stems. Hardy in zones 8 - 9.

     These new Lavenders really are visually appealing with the lovely cool silver leaves. This newer Lavender is not a plant to shrink and be lost from view in a corner of the garden!

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