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Storing Lavender

What to do After Harvest to Preserve your Lavender Flower

    You have cut, harvested, and dried your beautiful Lavender so what about storage? This is what you should do.

    All Lavender should be stored away from light, heat, and humidity.  Light will fade the color of your harvested flower buds. Heat, although it will keep the plant materials dry, will make the fragrance fade. Moisture will do the most damage to your stored Lavender, the humidity will cause mold and rot.

     I store my flower bundles in a cool, dry, seldom used closet suspended on a coat hanger. This helps to keep them away from light as well. Lavender flower buds, once fully dry, may be put into zip lock bags, or clean air tight jars, and then stored in a cool, dark place until you are ready to use.

Storing Lavender Flower     The Lavender buds I set aside for culinary use in my favorite recipes or teas I put in a tightly sealed lidded jar and store in the refrigerator.

    Storage on a cabinet shelf away from the stove will work too if you are one who uses things up pretty quickly.

    I have two jars which I use to store my cooking Lavender in. The tightly lidded jar is usually in my fridge/freezer and the other one is in my spice rack for quick access.

     I try to use the flower buds within six months for cooking purposes. If I am not able to use them all I simply add them to my Lavender buds set aside for crafting. I then replace my cooking Lavender with a fresh harvest of dried flower buds for maximum flavor in my favorite recipes.

    Lavender when properly stored will keep its color and lovely fragrance for quite some time before possibly needing a bit of refreshment. A simple spritz of pure sweet Lavender essential oil (not Lavandin or Oil of Spike) will refresh the fading scent of Lavender flower used for non-culinary purposes. Just remember cool, dark and dry when storing your bountiful Lavender flower harvest.

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