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How Much Dried Lavender is One Pound?

How Much Dried Lavender Do I Need?

     Many have asked questions about dried Lavender flowers. One common question for those that have never before bought dried Lavender and are looking to buy dried Lavender is just how much do you get in a pound?

Dried Lavender

     To give you and idea as pictures can sometimes be deceiving let me give you something to visually compare it to. One pound of dried Lavender will come packaged in a sealed plastic bag and is about equivalent in size to say a bag of cereal from the smaller sized boxes (16-18oz) found in your grocery store.

One Pound of Dried Lavender Flowers

     In the picture above please note that the bag is propped up as it will readily slide down inside the box and fit inside perfectly.

     One pound of dried Lavender flowers will give you enough Lavender buds to fill quite a few Lavender sachets. I cannot tell you the exact number of Lavender sachets because it is relative to the size of the sachet bags you use and is dependent upon just how full you fill each bag with the Lavender.

     Now that you know just how much you get when you buy one pound bulk dried Lavender flowers you should be able to better estimate the quantity you will need to complete your craft project.

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