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Lavender Christmas Decorations

Easy Christmas Decorations With Lavender Flower

     If your love Lavender then incorporate into your holiday decor. Whether you make mini Lavender bird cages with doves to hang from your tree or the easy holiday Christmas balls below you can still enjoy working with Lavender even in the winter months.

     As I was walking through my local crafts store I came upon these Christmas ball ornaments. They had a display set up with their ideas of how to decorate them such as painting them or dipping them in glue then glitter but I had mine!

balls for homemade Christmas ornaments     

Lavender Filled Christmas Balls

homemade Christmas ornament with lavender flower      My very first idea was to fill them up with dried Lavender flower and then a pretty Lavender or white satin bow. That is how easy it is to make Christmas decorations with Lavender!

     Homemade ornaments that you can do with the kids which make both holiday memories and Christmas Tree decorations at the same time.

     These fillable ornaments come in different sizes and shapes. I am particularity fond of the flat sphere(pictured above right).

     You can choose between the almost indistinguishable from glass unbreakable plastic and the exquisite glass balls. I chose the plastic due to hard ceramic floors plus kids :). The unbreakable ornaments really capture the look of glass without the fear of breakage.

fillable balls for homemade Christmas ornaments          

How to Make Lavender Christmas Ball Ornaments

     To make these filled balls all you need is your choice of ball ornaments and enough dried Lavender to fill them with. The tops of the ornaments easily come off although use extra caution if removing the tops from the glass variety as it is delicate and thin.

     Roll a piece of paper into a cone for a easy homemade funnel then pour in your dried Lavender flowers. Replace the top of the ornament then tie on your choice of ribbon for a hanging. How easy was that? Here is a picture of my Lavender filled homemade Christmas ball.

Lavender filled homemade Christmas ornament          

     Below are more ornament styles but please be aware they do not have that crystal clear look of glass but some are able to diffuse the Lavender scent!

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