English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia

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Lavender Herb Garden

Lavender in the Herb Garden

     The herb garden started in olden times for medicinal and culinary purposes. There were a multitude of plants grown for varying uses and remedies which were necessary and essential for daily life back in those times.

     These herb gardens or cottage gardens were planted as close to the house and kitchen as possible because they were used quite frequently if not daily. This Lavender garden was the equivalent of the home medicine cabinet, spice rack and vegetable garden all rolled into one. Plants used to dye fabric were even grown as well. Lavender was used for a variety of home uses.

     It was not uncommon for cottages to have plants next to the front gate where the fragrance and the flowers would greet each visitor. This is where the traditional cottage garden was borne both out of necessity, functionality, and beauty.

Lavender Herb Uses

     Lavender was a staple and Lavandula officinalis was the designated herb variety for use among the many different Lavender species. This was after all the Queen of England's favorite variety!

Lavender Herb Garden

     The flowers in these gardens could grace a table or be used to make a tea or tisane to provide relief from unpleasant symptoms. Herbs were harvested to flavor meats and leaves and plant materials to dye clothing. This was a garden of many uses. To learn more about gardening please visit our Lavender resource page which has links to useful information.

      Linen and clothing were dried atop the large sun warmed Lavender bushes and the sweet fragrance was absorbed by the fabric. These old Lavender bushes grew large some up to 1.5 meters and weren't pruned or cut back as we do today. Could you imagine the sheer drudgery involved in doing laundry by hand back in that day? Lavender made it just a little bit nicer!

     So important were these herbs to daily life that people learned how to dry Lavender and how to store the dried flowers for use during the colder seasons when fresh herbs were not readily available. Growing Lavender was a necessity.

     This herbal knowledge was passed from generation to generation. Today many are turning back to natural remedies and herb cures seeing them as a better way of dealing with and treating ailments (see Lavender oil uses), and as a natural way of providing stress relief from today's fast paced modern world.

     Lavender is a wonderful plant with a wide variety of uses and offers many health benefits. When you discover for yourself just how versatile Lavender is and how sweet it smells you will understand why it was found in many a herb garden since pioneer times and later on as Lavender hedges in Victorian knot gardens.

You will be sure to add at least one Lavender plant variety to your own flower garden and it even attracts butterflies!

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