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Fresh Lavender Flower

What to do with Fresh Lavender Flowers?

     Fresh Lavender flower is a real treat and if you find yourself short of ideas of what to do with your Lavender this is the right place. There are plenty of things to do and things to make with your fresh Lavender flowers. Here you will learn where to buy, how to use, what to make, and lastly how to store your fresh Lavender bouquet.

Fresh Lavender Flower, Women Holding Fresh Lavender Flower Blooms

Where to buy Fresh Lavender Flowers?

     You may buy or get fresh Lavender bundles when they are in season from your local Lavender farm. These Lavender bunches can be used to decorate your house, made into Lavender wands or Lavender bottles, used to make a Lavender wreath, turned into mini fresh Lavender bouquets or Tussie Mussies or allowed to dry for later use in Lavender sachets. Just to name a few things to do in regard to fresh Lavender uses, whew!

     Buying fresh Lavender is your only option if you do not grow your own Lavender plants.

Buy fresh Lavender flowers in bunches below:

             Buy Fresh Lavender Flower Bunch
Fresh Lavender From Amazon     

Available 2012 between about the end of June until - July 6 when its gone its GONE til next year!
See other year round sources further down

     Are you a farm that has fresh cut Lavender for sale? Will you ship your fresh Lavender bundles priority mail? If you would like your fresh Lavender featured here then please contact us.

See other ideas using fresh Lavender and things to make with fresh Lavender flowers on our crafts page.

     Fresh Lavender flowers available year round from these sources:

Bulk Fresh Lavender

Fresh Lavender Overnight

Fresh Lavender Uses

     How to use fresh Lavender bunches for decoration? Hang them upside down on bedposts, kitchen pot racks, doors or place in dry vases. Add flowers to fresh Lavender recipes (make sure it's organic) such as fresh Lavender tea.

Fresh Lavender flower bouquet in vase

     Other uses for fresh Lavender include throwing Lavender flowers for weddings as a replacement for rice. How about a fresh Lavender wedding bouquet for the bride? Fresh cut Lavender will eventually turn into dried Lavender that is if you wish to preserve it. Fresh Lavender flower bouquets dry well and can be kept for years. Learn about drying Lavender specifically how to harvest and how to dry Lavender.

How to Preserve Fresh Lavender?

     Preserve fresh Lavender flowers by keeping them out of direct sunlight which will fade the flower color. Place the Lavender in a warm dry spot with good airflow which will help to preserve the flower color and fragrance by quickening the drying process. Always store your fresh Lavender away from light in a dry area if you will not be using it immediately.

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