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Cleaning Lavender Flower Buds

Why Clean Lavender Flower?

    You have just finished harvesting and drying your lovely Lavender flower. If you look closely at your dried Lavender buds you will notice that there is some other debris too mixed in with them. This is the main reason why you take the time to clean your Lavender.

Cleaning Lavender flower buds

    The debris are usually made up of the flower corollas or maybe a stray Lavender leaf. For aesthetic reasons like using the buds for cooking, or in Lavender sachets where they are visible it is best to clean away these debris so you are only left with the flower buds themselves.

How To Clean Lavender Flower?

    So just how do you clean the buds? A fine mesh colander is a staple in most kitchens and this is all you need to clean your Lavender flower. Simply place your Lavender buds into the colander and use your hand to move them around.

    The buds will stay while the chaff (debris) will be forced out. You may do this over a box, trash receptacle or outside if your prefer. It is that simple and you will be left with just the attractive clean Lavender flower ready to store or use in Lavender crafts.

    Do you have to clean your dried buds? It is only a matter of personal preference as it will not detract other than visually. If you are using the buds in an eye pillow or encasing them in fabric than cleaning really doesn't matter. I clean only the flower buds that can be seen in a finished craft project.

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