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     Here you will find where to buy Lavender plants online from several reputable suppliers including mail order as well as our Online Store with Lavender plants wholesale. You will find a good selection of several different Lavender varieties all potted ready to plant in your home flower garden. Checkout our new sampler packs offered below. We have a 6 pack of different Culinary(angustifolias) Lavender plants and also a Provincial (Lavandin) 6 pack both offering a variety of different colored blooms.

     These suppliers also offer a wide selection of other garden plants that will compliment your Lavender planting as well as offering other needed garden supplies. Be sure to see our assortment of potted Lavender plants available for purchase below. We have all colors including white Lavender plants for sale! There are several different choices allowing you to send a Lavender plant as a gift too.

For those of you just starting out Grosso and Provence are very easy to grow. Check them out below:
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White Lavender Plants For Sale-Buy White Lavender Plants     Kew Red lavender Plants For Sale - Buy Kew Red Lavender Plants Pink Lavender Plants For Sale-Buy Pink Lavender Plants     Grosso Lavender Plants For Sale-Buy Grosso Lavender Plants     Provence Lavender Plants For Sale-Buy Provence Lavender Plants

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Why Buy Lavender Plants Online?

     The main reason to shop online for your plants is convenience.  Buying Lavender plants online allows you to get the best selection of a wide variety of plants from prominent suppliers and nurserymen.

     Remember that local garden centers only carry a few of each type of plant due to lack of space and the labor needed to take care of them. You do not get a lot of choices when it comes to plant variety. Some only stock one type of Lavender!

     Online shopping gives you the widest selection of choices possible.  You get shipping to your door at the proper planting time and all you have to do is sit back and relax in front of your computer! Almost all companies offer plant guarantees so be sure to read each one's individual policy.

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Dutch Gardens Inc. - Good selection of perennial plants such as roses, day lilies and delphiniums, summer and spring bulbs. Shipping to US.

Richters Herbs - Offers a variety of seeds, herbs and ornamental plants some which are hard to find elsewhere. Shipping is available to Canada and the United States for live plants and other items.  Worldwide Shipping is available for seeds, books, and all products excluding live plants.

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