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Benefits of Lavender Oil

What are Lavender Oil's Beneficial Properties?

     Lavender is known as one of the safest of all distilled essential oils and it is also one of the most popular!  Since ancient times it has been symbolic of cleanliness and purity. The early Greek and Romans have documented its use in healing and used it for baths, as perfume and to treat many health problems. Here are some Lavender oil uses.

     The medicinal knowledge of the benefits of this plant has been passed down for generations and we are still learning more today about the beneficial properties contained in this plant.  Lavender was a staple herb plant found in just about all kitchen herb gardens and is can be used in the home as well for green cleaning.

     What is Lavender oil good for? Medicinally the oil has been found to have the following attributes : antiseptic (kills germs), spasmolytic (anti-spasmodic / relieves muscle spasms) and carminative (relieves flatulence or gas from digestive tract) powers.

Lavender Health benefits include the following properties:

That's a long list of medicinal properties and it smells simply wonderful too!

How do I Reap these Health Benefits of Lavender Oil?

     These health benefits are only available through the use of pure natural Lavender essential oil. Those "Lavender scented" products that you can find in the local stores are not the same thing as real Lavender products.

     Those products usually contain synthetic oil fragrances made up by a chemist in a lab. These synthetic copies don't have the same molecular structure as the real ones. They do not offer any health benefits and may even be bad for you because of the synthetics compounds and chemicals. If you want real Lavender oil benefits then use real Lavender oil.

     The plant naturally produces the essential oil in its plant structure in minuscule little oil sacs within the plant.  This whole plant is filled with the Lavender scent in the flower blossoms, leaves, stems, and even the roots! The essential oil is extracted from the plant by various methods and then used in health products or for  Lavender aromatherapy due to the Lavender scent benefits.

     Trust me when I tell you that artificial scents don't even come close to the smell of the real deal. Once you have experienced that sweet clean sun-warmed scent you will shun the fakes too.

     The benefits lie in the essential oil from the plant.  The essence oil from any plant, not just Lavender, is made up over 100 various components and this chemical structure differs with each individual plants. These compounds themselves are beneficial to you and it is in the actual chemical composition that makes them healing for you and your body. The main components (there are more than just these) in essence oils are:
  • alcohols
  • esters
  • aldehydes
  • ketones
  • phenols
  • terpenes
     The exact levels of each individual component also differs based on the geographical region that the plant was grown in.  This means that some plant essences are stronger and more beneficial for a particular treatment than another simply because of the soil and growing conditions.

      Lavender, like all plant essential oils, works it's magic by entering the body.  The essential oils molecular structure is made up of very small molecules which enter through the skin, through ingestion or through breathing.

     This is why essential oils are also known as "volatile oils" meaning turn to gas quickly.  The oils are vaporous, and quickly dissipate.  Only a very small amount evaporates when applied to the skin. The rest of the essential oil makes it into the bloodstream and effect the resulting benefits throughout the body.

     Lavender oil is one of the few oils where you may apply it undiluted directly on the skin to benefit wounds. You may use Lavender oil for scars too applying directly to the affected area. This is called using it in "neat"  form. This oil has wondrous skin healing properties and for this very important reason it is an included beneficial ingredient in so many skin care products, hydrosols, and Lavender flower water. Learn more about Lavender oil uses and how to make a Lavender oil from your own plants with an easy recipe.

Start enjoying Lavender oil benefits today and see for yourself!

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