English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia

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Yellow Lavender

Lavandula viridis

    Lavender in yellow!  The lovely blooms of this are pineapple shaped with light yellow bracts.  A wonderful change from all the purple and pinks.

     Yellow Lavender is a stoechas type Lavender due to the shape of the flower heads which are tightly compressed as they sit atop the stems.  Learn more about Lavender flowers.

     The foliage is a bright yellow green as well and there is a strong sweet Lavender fragrance from this plant. This is a nice addition to any flower garden due to the unusual color variation and tall growth habit. Requires the same care as the other color varieties.  Visit our Plant Store to see where to  buy yellow Lavender plants.

Yellow Lavender

     Hardy in US Zones 8-11. Grows 3 feet high. Flowers are creamy white to yellow in color. The foliage provides a nice contrast to the grey blue foliage of the other cultivars.

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