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White Lavender

White Lavender Flowers?

     White Lavender has been a treasured variety of True Lavender in English gardens for about 400 years. Considered a rare Lavender due to the shear abundance of a myriad of different Lavender colors available in the genus.

White Lavender Flowers

     White Lavender flowers are gracefully displayed on long sturdy stems perfect for drying or using in crafts.

     White Lavender, though highly fragrant, is not as hardy as the rest of the Lavandula angustifolias or English Lavenders.

White English Lavender Plants

     Lavandula angustifolia 'Alba' bears snow white flowers highlighted by silver grey calyxes. The leaves and foliage are silver grey with broader leaves. The sweet clean fragrance is that of True Lavender.

     'Dwarf White' is a very small Lavender almost miniature when compared to others. Very low growing, compact, with highly fragrant foliage perfect for edging a bed or walk.

     Lavandula angustifolia 'Potpourri White', is a perennial zones 6-9 with a height of 10-12 inches. Space plants about a foot apart. Large white blooms are displayed on sturdy stems. Excellent container plant.

Buy Ellagance Ice White Lavender Plants Ellagance Ice White Lavender is an angustifolia (English) Lavender with white flowers and is hardy to Zone 5 reaching a mature height of 12-14" tall.

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White Lavender Hybrids / Lavandins

     Next let's talk about the white flowered Hybrid Lavenders. Lavandula intermedia White Grosso is a Lavandin or hybrid. Very hardy and robust grower as with other Lavandins. Also sold as Lavandula intermedia 'Alba' or 'Dutch White', it is sometimes confused with Lavandula angustifolia 'Alba'. Other white intermedia Lavenders include 'White Spike', 'Edelweiss', and 'Cathy Blanc'.

Buy White Spike Lavender Plants      Lavandula intermedia 'White Spike' grows 25" high by 31" wide and produces strongly scented white flowers on long stems well suited for use in dried and fresh arrangements.

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Buy Edelweiss White Lavender Plants      Another Lavender hybrid, Lavadula X Intermedia 'Edelweiss', has bright green leaves and is a large grower up to 3 feet tall with blooms. An easy to grow hybrid that flowers in late spring. Blooms appear very pale pink but quickly open to a bright clear white. Intensely fragrant blooms excellent for crafts.

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White Spanish Lavender Plants

     There are even white Spanish Lavender blooms. Lavandula stoechas 'Alba' is a stoechas Lavender that is native to Italy. The flowers themselves are not as showy as the purple stoechas varieties but nice none the less.

     Growing white Lavender in the garden provides a nice contrast especially when planted next to other colors such as pink, Lavender blue or the purple of hidcote. Group different colors together for an eye catching Lavender garden.

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