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Lavender Stress Relief

How does Lavender relieve stress?

    Lavender aromatherapy is great for reducing stress. This herb is widely used in aromatherapy treatment for its calming and relaxing properties.  In clinical trials, Cortisol, a stress hormone produced by the body was shown to have a great reduction in the measured levels within 5 minutes of the patient smelling real Lavender.

Lavender Stress Relief

    Studies have shown that when inhaled individuals show a slowing of brain waves. This very clearly demonstrates the calming effects which in turn relieves stress from the individual as the body is brought into a more harmonious peaceful state.

    Another of it's properties is that of a muscle relaxant which also helps to put you in a more relaxed state of mind and body. Perfect for after a long and difficult workday.

How to use Lavender to reduce stress?

      I use essential oil in a aromatherapy diffuser in my home to create a wonderful relaxing atmosphere which everyone in my family enjoys.  I simply add a few drops of oil, set the timer and turn it on.  My home smells like I am standing in a sun-warmed purple field in Provence.  Learn more about aromatherapy diffusers here.

     I can't wait to walk in the door after work to be greeted by the aroma, it's fresh, clean and natural with healing benefits besides!

    Another way I relieve stress is by adding it to my bath.  Just a few drops swished around in the water is all it takes.  You can say goodbye to muscle tension, aches and pains just by soaking plus you get a full body skin treatment using the essential oil.

     See other ways to use pure Lavender Oil to enhance your health and life.

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