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Handmade Lavender Soap Recipe

How to make Lavender Soap

    Lavender has been used in soap since early times due to its fresh clean fragrance. Just look how long Yardley's English Lavender soap has been around. The scent of Lavender flowers are soothing and relieve anxiety, depression and stress. You can make Lavender aromatherapy soap at home with this easy recipe.

    Lavender soap is gentle and well tolerated by just about everyone not to mention the wonderful skin benefits. The plant has been symbolic of cleanliness and purity since Victorian times and is still one of the best selling soap fragrances today. Who doesn't like French Lavender soap?

    You can make Lavender soap at home using Lavender water, dried Lavender flower or buds, essential Lavender oil and unscented white soap. An easy natural Lavender soap recipe is given below. You may purchase Lavender soap making supplies at craft stores such as Michael's Arts and Crafts.

    Need another Lavender soap recipe? For more information on making soap and how to make Lavender soap see this one book that explains everything and is available online only. You will find out all the tricks to making homemade Lavender soap easily and dozens of recipes. Enjoy being able to give beautiful handmade soap away as a gift to friends and family so download now and begin to make soap today.
how to make Lavender soap easy recipe

Lavender Soap Recipe for Soap Balls or Bars

    For this recipe begin by chopping, slicing or grating your unscented soap (about 3 bars) into small pieces and place into a large bowl to allow for the addition of other ingredients. Next pour hot water over the soap adding just enough to cover and allow for the soap to dissolve.

    Pour this mixture into a blender to complete the mixing process or use one of those handy immersion blenders to mix right in the bowl. Blend thoroughly until all the lumps are removed.

    Now add 10-20 drops of pure essential oils to the mixture and some Lavender flower buds too if you would like. Stir to mix in the Lavender flower. Don't use the blender if you have added the dried buds as you will not want to chop them up!

    Set this mixture aside in a warm place to dry out for a day or two, checking on it occasionally. You will be making handmade soap balls or you may purchase soap molds at crafts stores to pour the mixture into and then set aside to dry. If you choose to use a mold remember to rub a little vegetable oil inside to allow for the easily release of the finished soap.

    For handmade soap balls you will need to wait until the soap mixture is dry enough that you can form balls. Form small balls with your hands. Set the balls aside to dry out. When dry you may dip your hands in water and rub them gently to make them smooth and attractive.

    Other ingredients you may add to your soap recipe include:

1 1/2 teaspoon of Jojoba Oil
1 1/2 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
1/2 cup of dry Oatmeal (to make Lavender Oatmeal Soap)

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