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Lavender Eye Pillow

How to Make your own Lavender Eye Pillow

     We have all seen eye masks and eye pillows at various stores.  There are those with elastic to hold them in place and then there are those that are simply meant to be gently placed on eyes for relaxation and stress relief. Most of these eye pillows are filled either with a single herb or a blend.

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     You can easily make your own eye pillow; filling it with your own dried Lavender buds. This allows you to choose the fabric and color and provides you a simple way to use your Lavender.

Lavender Eye Pillow

     Crafting your own allows you to also create wonderful and thoughtful fragrant gifts that are simple and easy to sew. You can choose how full to fill each Lavender eye pillow and whether to put a zipper in the side to allow for the removal of the fill for laundering or refreshing with new Lavender. You can even make a Lavender sleep mask and fill with a teaspoon of Lavender flower buds so you have sweet dreams all night.

     To make your eye pillow you will need Lavender flower fabric and dried Lavender flower buds and 1/2 cup of rice (optional.) Most eye pillows are between 8-9 inches in length and about 3 inches in width. You will need to allow about an extra 1/2 inch to each side measurement to allow for seam allowance. If you are planning to fill it really full then make your rectangles larger to allow for the extra bulk.

     Simply measure and cut the rectangles to the desired size and place them together wrong side out. Stitch three sides of the eye pillow either by hand or machine. Turn right side out and fill with Lavender buds or a combination of Lavender and rice which adds a nice weight to the finished piece. Decide if you want a zipper or not in the remaining side and sew closed. It's that simple.

      Lavender eye pillows are an easy way to relax and they feel so good on tired eyes. I keep my Lavender eye pillow in a ziploc plastic bag when not in use to preserve the fragrance. I also tuck it into my freezer so it's refreshingly cool and ready to use at a moments notice.

Make a Lavender Pillow

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