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Lavender Color

Lavender Color Meaning

     The Lavender colour symbolizes royalty in many different cultures. The depth and richness of the color purple is what make it so appealing. The purple hue was often times reserved for royalty only and brought with it the meaning of refinement, wealth and higher class due to the regal nature of the Lavender color itself.

Lavender Color of Flowers

     Lavender plants span this full Lavender color spectrum due to the number of varieties available with the English angustifolias having the widest choice of colors. You have the deep purple, pinks, red, blue, yellow green and the rarer white Lavender flowers. All colors of Lavender combine together beautifully in bouquets, wreaths, and other craft projects.

Picture of different colors of Lavender Flowers

     Dried Lavender placed about the home helps to recall the sweet days of summer, providing needed color while releasing it's sweet perfume scent at the same time. Planting a Lavender garden provides you with enough Lavender flowers to last through the winter until the next season of fresh Lavender.

     Whatever Lavender color you choose you are sure to fall in love with it and want more.

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