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Lavender Coffee Recipe

How to make Lavender Coffee

    You may use either fresh or dried Lavender flowers for this lavender coffee recipe.

Use slightly more fresh Lavender flowers than you would dried culinary Lavender.

Here is the Lavender Coffee Recipe:

 Lavender Coffee in Cup, Lavender Flower Coffee Recipe
Put the Lavender flowers in a coffee filter along with the ground coffee when using an electric coffee maker. This recipe is for a full pot adjust according if you are making less.

 Brew as usual and enjoy!

    Some of you will just love this Lavender coffee which can be enjoyed with cream, sugar, and a drop or two of pure vanilla extract while others might find the need to adjust the strength of the Lavender flavor to suit their tastes.

    Much is dependent upon the type of machine you are using such as drip, Senseo, or French press and the quantity of coffee you are brewing such as full pot or single cup. Just as everyone is different in whether they like their coffee super strong or on the lighter side so is it with the Lavender. Play with different amounts until you have the balance of flavors just right for you.

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