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Growing Lavender Plants Indoors

How To Grow Lavender Indoors

      When you fall in love with Lavender enough you may find yourself wanting a live plant inside your house as well as in your flower garden. Here you will learn how to grow Lavender plants indoors.

     Lavender can be grown indoors with a bit of effort to keep it in the conditions it loves to thrive.  First off begin with choosing a variety that is better able to tolerate the conditions inside a home. To successfully grow Lavender indoors you need to create optimal growing conditions which is hard to do inside a house.

     Homes usually suffer from drier air, inadequate sunlight and little fresh airflow.  Lavender can handle the dry conditions but will need to be placed in as sunny a position as possible.  You may also purchase some grow lights or broad spectrum plant bulbs which will help you attain light conditions closer to that of outdoor sunlight.

Growing Lavender Plants Inside Your Home

     French Lavender is the best choice for growing Lavender inside and has lovely serrated leaves. Make sure to pot it up using a well drained potting mix and read up on growing Lavender in containers before attempting growing Lavender indoors.

     Learn the main problems that causes your plant to die so that you can avoid them and give you indoor plant the best possible start.

     Begin by placing your plant in a sunny windowsill and do give it a drink regularly allowing the top inch or so of soil to dry out.  Remember to rotate the pot every few days to allow sunlight to reach all of the leaves and to aid in even growth.  You don't want a lopsided plant!

     Lavender will want and need as much light as possible when inside but beware of placing near cold drafty windows. Inexpensive supplemental lighting can really help as many homes cannot provide adequate light to keep it healthy and happy.

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     Getting an indoor Lavender plant to bloom almost always requires you to give it a growing period outside in sunny summer conditions to aid in flower development.  Don't just take a inside plant and set it outside to bake without acclimating it to the outside world. You will need to transition it to the outside over the course of a few days or you will end up with a fried blackened dead plant.

     If you home is extremely dry you may place your plant on a pebble lined tray filled with water.  This will increase the humidity of the air around the plant. The purpose of the pebbles is to keep the pot up and out of the water to prevent soggy soil and root rot. Make sure your plant sits above the water and not in it.

   With a little work you too can enjoy a living, growing Lavender plant indoors.

Growing Lavender Anywhere

Growing Lavender in the South

Growing Lavender From Seed

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