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Lavender Grosso

Lavandula intermedia Grosso

    Lavender hybridizes easily and another recognized type is that of the Lavandin known as Lavandula x intermedia var. Grosso which is a cross produced by Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia. This is one of the tallest Lavender varieties making it great for use as a hedging shrub.

Lavandula Grosso Lavender Plants in Flower
Image by Marek Gehrmann

Grosso Lavender Plants

     This hybrid, Lavender Grosso, has been gifted by both sides of its parentage and has been named after its discoverer. The intermedia hybrids have the frost hardiness of the the angustifolias along with the inherited camphory odor of Lavandula latifolia.

     Grosso Lavender plants are tall growing and you may use the long stems to make Lavender wands and the flowers for sachets.  There is a purple flowered and also a white flowered variety of Grosso available and they are strikingly beautiful when planted next to each other.

     Grosso White is also known as Lavandula intermedia 'Alba' or Dutch White Lavender and the flowers are not as bright a white as the fragrant blooms of Edelweiss.

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     Grosso Lavender is one of the Lavender plants most commonly chosen by commercial growers of Lavender farms. You can easily find Grosso Lavender plants for sale the reason being Grosso is a hearty grower, easy to grow in most regions, producing an abundance of Lavender flowers containing large amounts of essential oil.

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