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Dried Lavender For Sale

Buy Dried Lavender Wholesale

    Lavender flower is widely available in its dried form because it preserves so easily. Dried Lavender is available in two basic forms either loose dried Lavender flowers(dried Lavender buds) or dried Lavender bunches(bundles.) You may find both forms of dried Lavender for sale below.

Buy Dried Lavender Buds

    You may buy dried Lavender buds which are the Lavender flowers that have been stripped off the stems. They are usually packed by the pound in cellophane bags and keep indefinitely for various uses. Below are several choices for bulk dried Lavender.

    Any dried Lavender buds may be used in Lavender craft making but be sure to only buy those that are labeled as culinary Lavender for use in recipes. How much dried Lavender do I need?

Buy dried Lavender buds below:

French Lavender Super Blue - Loose Flower Buds - Per Pound Natural Dried Lavender Flowers - per pound Rina's Garden Lavender Flower Buds - 1 Pound Bulk Rina's Garden - Culinary Lavender Flower Buds Dried Lavender For Cooking - 1/2 Pound Bulk

Buy Dried Lavender Bunches

    Dried Lavender bunches are simply bunches of Lavender flower still on the stems that have been cut and tied together into bouquets. The Lavender bunches are dried upside down to keep the dried Lavender stems straight. They are simply dried Lavender bouquets. These are best used for Lavender crafts or for adding to dried flower arrangements.

Buy dried Lavender bunches below:

Buy 2 Dried Lavender Bunches Lavender Dried Bunches (Pack of 2 Bundles)

Lavender Dried Bunches (Pack of 4 Bundles)

Lavender Dried Bunches (Pack of 6 Bundles)

Lavender Dried Bunches (Pack of 12 Bundles)

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